Dear Mischter Bresident Reagan and all die other United Spassvögel of Amerika

We actually have no Ahnig whether you are toujours beschäftigt with fighting against the Indianer, the Irakaner, the Olivianer, the Kubianer, the Afghaner and the Vietnamer.But anyway, we have to warn ju Bicause of sö Sekurity that the ledschendary and oneandonly, donky-farming, truck-flicking and saxo-föhning


is coming to your land next Manet. He comes in peace, eigentli just bikos his Bony is öuver the ocean (his Bony is the Isa, that you know!) and he wants her back on the Mountain of Rengg. So you Joggis better not think he's e Terrorischt oder Saddamischt or something. He is coming with sö Airplane, but (as he seit), he doesn't Flüg himself. Auso, when he arrives, don't say him he söug take his shoes off and his Fingerprints are olredy on se Polizeiboschte Entlebuch, you can ask Boulet Ämenegger.

Idealerwiis, you have e ordli Harmonie-Music parat for a little Empfangs-Ständli and watch that your Cöuntry makes a little bit a Gattig, you!  End say the Inidianers the should not shoot on Heinz with their Pfiiuboge bicause he don^t l ike this. And rüscht a very many of Papir-Sacks, when you want that he always has his Beer in soeinem wenn he goes on the Street!

When your are not nice, he maybe will attack your with his Sprängbüchs and a Päckli of Women-Farts and then you can look for you!

Greetings from le Valley of Entlebuch

The Church-Party-Brothers
Freedli, Friends, Hill-Dee, M-C, Detonation-Master L. and our Mänädscher Ruud Miller

P.S.: Can you tell Elvis Bresly a greeting? His Single "Love Me Tender" in the Jukebox of the Restaurant Gfellen has a Kratzer and he söug send us a new. The old, we can "Retööörn To Sender".